Funeral Consumers Alliance of SE Florida
1626 SE 3rd Ct., Ste. 144
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

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How You Benefit

OBJECTIVITY. You get advice from a group of knowledgeable volunteers who are not in the business of selling funeral services.

DIGNITY. You learn about dignified alternatives to excessive funeral displays.

CONFIDENCE. You are able to shop for services with full knowledge of your consumer rights.

SECURITY. You enjoy the convenience of pre-planning without the risks of prepayment.

PEACE OF MIND. You are given the opportunity to discuss an important topic with family or friends while you are still healthy.

CARING. You leave behind a final gift . . . sparing your next-of-kin the stress of making difficult decisions during a time of grief.

Members Receive . . .

  • Funeral Planner kit ($10 retail value) including information on cremation, burial choices, cemetery options, and your legal/consumer rights.
  • Organ/body donation information and forms
  • FCASEF planning forms
  • Membership wallet card
  • Price survey of area funeral services
  • Optional informative pamphlets
  • FCASEF annual newsletter
  • Invitation to FCASEF membership events
  • Reciprocal benefits from another affiliate if you move or die while traveling.