How an Association Works

The Funeral Consumers Assoc. (FCA) of Tampa Bay is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization which gives you a way to have an inexpensive but dignified funeral. The Association has over 850 members. The size of the membership gives the Association the ability to bargain with funeral directors. The Association approaches Funeral Homes and finds one that will contract with them to provide services at an affordable price. The funeral director makes a smaller profit but has more business. You make only a single donation up front [$30 per adult or $50 per family (parents & children under 18)], which goes to the Association for printing and postage. They provide you with a "today's" price list. You then choose which options you want, like cremation or burial, the price of the urn or casket, etc.

When the time comes, your spouse or estate contacts the funeral director with whom the Association has contracted. When the deceased comes via the Association, the funeral director then applies the much lower rate. The published rates are guaranteed but subject to change with notice. For example, if the price of a simple cremation went up $3, every member would be so advised.

If your estate decides to do something different, the funeral director will usually accommodate it at "Association Rates." And if your estate decides to do something entirely different, you're only out the original donation. Your family cannot enroll you in the Association after you die.

Since the Association is affiliated with the national Funeral Consumers Alliance, you can move or travel the continent knowing that your wishes will be carried out. There are more than 125 associations throughout the United States. Your membership entitles you to transfer to any one for a modest donation. In addition, Canada has about 25 groups which, although not directly associated with the national FCA, do informally honor memberships reciprocally and vice versa. Should death occur away from the Tampa area, the nearest reciprocating association will recommend a local funeral directory who will provide the requested services at comparable rates.

The Funeral Consumers Assoc. (FCA) of Tampa Bay provides a way to preplan a dignified funeral at an affordable price.

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