Schedule of Fees

The Funeral Consumers Assoc. (FCA) of Tampa Bay has made a contract with an area funeral home which will honor the following prices.


The above prices, which are effective through September 2021, include:

  • Call for and pick up the deceased within a 250-mile radius of the funeral home. Beyond that there is an additional $1.50 per mile charge.

  • Provide the necessary paperwork to get the state issued death certificate. The state will charge a fee for each original certificate desired which are usually available within 24 hours.

  • Supply local news media with obituary notices. There is an additional newspaper charge for any funeral or memorial service annoucements.

  • Assist in immediate arrangements for cornea transplant and/or tissue bank donations, should this have been the wishes of the decedent.

  • Assist in arranging for any post-mortem examinations requested or ordered.

Under these low cost agreements, the prices quoted must be cash payments to the funeral home within 48 hours from time of death by the person assuming responsibility for the funeral costs.

It is assumed that any desired memorial or funeral service will be arranged directly with the clergyman of one's choice, and that the remains will not be present at the service. Such service may be held in a church, private home, or by arrangement at the funeral home chapel at additional expense. Any services performed by the funeral director in addition to those mentioned above must be specifically requested and individually contracted.

The FCA of Tampa Bay assumes no financial responsibility for the services of the Funeral Home or cemetery owners. Its sole function is seeing that the specific requests of the decedent are honored. It is not necessary for a relative to accompany the body to the crematory or cemetery.

Planned pre-arranged services will prevent family survivors from having to make decisions under emotional stress that may be contrary to the wishes of the decedent.

Specific Services


Embalm or refrigerate the remains as necessary to meet legal requirements, place the body in a minimum container required by the crematory, and have the body cremated at the earliest time permitted by law. Arrange for the crematory to dispose of the ashes, or return them to the family for other disposition. If the ashes are to be mailed, there will be an additional charge for postage. If you select cremation, it is necessary for your spouse (if still alive) or all of the children to each sign a Cremation Authorization Form which can be printed from this site or obtained from the Association. Make sure you talk to your family about your wishes, because if they won't sign you will not be able to be cremated. Because of the current law, it may be that at your death, those family members who are present will be asked to sign an additional form authorizing cremation.


Holding, sanitation and refrigeration, as required by law and/or to meet cemetery requirements, and deliver to a cemetery for private interment. There shall be no public viewing of the body or any funeral procession. The cost of the casket, cemetery lot, vault, vault installation, charges for opening and closing the grave are an additional expense to be charged directly to the family. If prior cemetery arrangements have not been made, the funeral director will assist the family with necessary arrangements. If the place of burial is beyond the 12-mile radius of our nearest mortuary, extra travel is subject to a $2.00 per one-way mile fee.

Out-of-State Shipment

Embalm the remains, enclose in a minimum case as required by regulations, and deliver to the nearest rail or air freight terminal for out-of-state shipment. Transportation and final disposition expenses at the destination are borne directly by the family.

Donation to Science

After verifying "acceptance" with the Anatomical Board of Florida, execute the necessary papers, perform the required minimum embalming and deliver the remains to Gainesville, Florida for use by the College of Medicine in medical research.


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