Cremation Authorization

If you desire cremation, a Cremation Form provided by the Funeral Home at your death needs to be signed by your spouse and all living children. Below is a condensed form which has similar information and will help you as you discuss your desires and arrangements with your family and children.

I hereby state that I am the legally authorized representative and the nearest surviving relative of the deceased. I further request and authorize the Funeral Home, their agents or representatives, in accordance with and subject to all crematory rules and regulations as well as those of the State of Florida, to remove, care for, embalm, or otherwise prepare for cremation, including the removal and disposal of pacemaker or other device which may accompany the deceased. I also certify and represent that I have the right to sign and make such authorizations and agree to hold the Funeral Home, Funeral Director, Cremator, or their agents harmless from liability on account of said authorization. It is understood that due to the nature of the cremation process, any valuable material will be lost or destroyed. It is further understood that the cremated remains will be further reduced by mechanical means and that a small amount of inadvertent commingling of ashes may occur.

Unless otherwise noted, I do not wish to view the deceased, and hereby authorize the Funeral Home to proceed with the cremation, and to rely solely upon the identification procedures of those releasing the deceased to the Funeral Home.

I understand, per Florida Statute 470.0255, that cremated remains not retrieved by the responsible party within 120 days may be scattered at sea.

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