Membership Forms

All of the forms that you need for joining the Funeral Consumers Assoc. (FCA) of Tampa Bay and making final arrangements are located on this site. They are:

  • The Application Form, which you complete and return to the Association with your membership donation.

  • The Final Arrangement/Vital Statistics Form, on which you list your funeral wishes and other pertinent information.

  • Print the Cremation Authorization condensed form if you select cremation (which 90% of Memorial Society members do). An official Cremation Form provided by the Funeral Home at your death needs to be signed by your spouse and all living children. The condensed form, available on this website, has similar information and will help you as you discuss your desires and arrangements with your family and children.
When the forms have been completed and signed, keep the originals yourself! But make at least two copies of each form. Send the first copy to the FCA of Tampa Bay and the second to the associated Funeral Home (after writing your membership number on the first sheet of each set of forms).

You may wish to make additional copies of the completed forms to give to others deemed appropriate (all of the children, guardian, trustee, lawyer, clergy, doctor, etc.).

If you have any questions, contact Sandra Elmore by U.S. Mail, Phone or E-mail.

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