I went through a long process as well wi

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I went through a long process as well with SCI and can tell you that they want very much to pick the right person for the position, that's not to say that someone is bad or wrong just that they might not be a good fit. You likely guessed that I was chosen for the job, but as I spoke with them about the duties certain concerns that I had not thought about came to light. I can tell you there are many things that I am not suited for but this position very much fits my personality. I think it's smart business for a company to have an understanding of what kind of personality fits best in their team environment, and being able to weed through those personalities is a talent. I don't think we should feel insulted or hurt because we don't fit some where, I can guarantee that there are many other things that men can do that I'm just no good at, be happy that you were not chosen to do something that might just waste your time or make you un happy, I'm certain that the man or women that decided not to go further with you placed no less value on you as a person.
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