Steve, As in most states it's legal t

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Steve, As in most states it's legal to have a burial on home property so long as it's rural (outside city limits) and with the permission of the zoning authority. An excerpt from the North Carolina chapter of the book "Final Rights": "Burial There are no state statutes that specifically permit or prohibit home burial. It is also unlikely that there are local zoning regulations regarding home burial, but you should review them or check with the county health department. If your land is in a rural area, draw a map of the property showing where the burial ground will be. If you get the county “okay,” have it filed with the deed. A cemetery must be 300 feet from a public water supply. Plan your family cemetery away from power lines and boundaries with neighbors, too." I strongly suggest you make friends with the good folks at the FCA of Western North Carolina in Asheville. You can find them clicking the "Find a Local FCA" tab at the top of the page. Tell 'em I sent you.

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