I am aware that Danny Seamons may not ev

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I am aware that Danny Seamons may not even be the head of the board of directors anymore, I am hoping this some how gets brought to the current board of directors attention. I doubt the office person would pass this on. Today is May 25, 2013 This is the first time that I have been shocked by the way the cemetary looks. It is awful, the grass is so dry in spots that it is dead. I have never seen it look like this before. I stopped by the office to complain and I was told that some sprinkler lines broke over the winter. And they have been working on them. Come on, it is May now and just before Memorial day. This story about the cememtary struggling, even though it is from 2011, the cemetary was beautifull until now, someone is making cut backs or does not care anymore. It can't be water because you are right next to the irrigation canal. It is either cheapness, careless, or poor management. Shame on you all. I bet if someone took the intiative to raise money, their would be a lot of supporters. Of course someone would have to monitor the money, CAREFULLY.

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