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TOPIC: Funeral Home Ethics

Funeral Home Ethics 28 Jul 2009 13:22 #262

"My aunts husband died . They were married for 12 years in the US he was a legal resident. She made arrangements with the funeral home to have him cremated because there were not enough funds to transport him to mexico. His side of the family agreed.

The next day following the wake, the illegal daughter to the deceased (previous marragie) in the US went to the funeral home asked if he had been cremated they told her NO so she said, don't.

In the meantime my aunt is in the hospital overcome by the death and other medical problems. The family goes to the hospital tells her the funeral home said hes not cremated so you have to agree to send him to Mexico because we have the money now. She was backed into a corner and agreed to transport body if the daughter paid for it.

After being discharged from the hospital, my aunt goes to the funeral home to sign over financial responsibility to the daughter. The funeral home told my aunt she would get a refund but instead gave the daughter the dollar credit for the cremation toward transport charges.

The day the body was to fly out, the funeral home contacted the wife to see if the other family (daughter) could see the body one more time. The wife (my aunt) said NO , leave him alone and just send him they can do all of that in Mexico. The funeral home left the other family see the body again and even change his clothes - all against my aunts wishes.

Does my aunt have any legal rights- Louisiana."

I see three wrong things:
Disclosing the state of her husbands body without her authorization.
Crediting money to the other family without her authorization.
Showing and changing her husbands remains per the other families wishes against her consent. :angry:
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