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TOPIC: Body brokers

Body brokers 05 Jun 2008 06:59 #71

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I just finished reading a repulsive book that should be on the reading list of every informed funeral consumer: "Body Brokers", by Annie Cheney. . To give you an idea of the content, there was another book on the same topic referred to in this book - "Chop Shop". It is about the business of dismembering cadavers for use both in continuing medical education and for implantation into living people. Bone pieces, tissues etc. such as corneas & skin are "harvested" by "tissue banks". Funeral directors and crematoria are in on schemes like this - who can tell what has been cut out of a cadaver after it has been cremated?

Since my father gave me Jessica Mitford's "The American Way of Death" when I was in high school, I have felt that the funeral industry was composed of the lowest forms of parasites, preying on people in their time of grief. "Body Brokers" reconfirmed my opinion.

Until the day before yesterday, I had arranged for the donation of my body to University of Tennessee Memphis medical school. But the medical schools are complicit in the schemes, because apparently there is now an excess of donated bodies. Anatomy departments collect large "handling fees" from the body brokers, which goes into their general funds.

I have revoked my donation. I don't want a funeral director involved in my final arrangements - period. I don't trust a single one of them! I'll pick out a spot, and have my family hire a backhoe for direct immediate burial.
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Re:Body brokers 05 Jul 2008 12:03 #95

  • mommabird
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I agree. I know 2 funeral directors from church. They are the welathiest people I know. They live lives of such lavish wealth that you can't imagine. And the get IT ALL from working stiffs like me (pun intended).
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