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TOPIC: Attending a Licensing Board Meeting

Attending a Licensing Board Meeting 25 Aug 2008 14:37 #117

  • Mitchell
  • Mitchell's Avatar
I HIGHLY recommend it! I attended the Utah Funeral Licensing Board last week. It was so interesting and it wasn't scary as I thought it would be since I was made to feel very welcome by everyone. Also it didn't last as long as was advertised on the Dept of Professional Licensing (DOPL) web site, which was a relief because 4 hrs would have been long.

I have to say I never knew how much legislative stuff is actually born in those meetings!!!! I thought new legislation was just given to some legislator in some dark office and then it went to the legislature. Not at all! This stuff gets passed by the Licensing Board first!!!

There were at least a couple of non-funeral employees of the state there and they were very interested in hearing my perspective on issues that were being discussed!
Josh said at the conference in Seattle in June that every states' licensing board should be attended and now I know why!

The most important preventative care I can do to benefit consumers in my state is to attend those meeting from now on!

Thank you Josh for emphasizing it's importance!

Joyce Mitchell
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Re:Attending a Licensing Board Meeting 24 Dec 2008 07:04 #177

  • thinktreez
  • thinktreez's Avatar
Hi Joyce,

I have attended my second TFSC Texas Funeral Services Commission board meeting and I too feel it is the most important thing any FCA org should be doing. It lets you know what is going on legislatively in your state and informs about the intricate goings on in the board. I found the remarks by people who had problems with funeral homes and cemeteries very moving. In Texas property owners have encircled black funeral homes and now the families have no rights to enter to visit or bury any of their relatives. In this last meeting the board was given right to collect data and make recommendations---I think that was the jist of it, but no Authority. This will make it easier to come to the legislature to make complaints for the families and possibly get some kind of legislation in the future. As the woman who very aptly represented the families not able to go to the cemetery said, "They have been trying for 10 years."
To hear the statements of those in the FH industry talk about their "problems" in getting back their licenses can range from the bizarre to the comical, but it does show that there is a system, however flawed at work.

I too am committed to attending all quarterly meetings.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Successful New Year
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Re:Attending a Licensing Board Meeting 06 Jan 2009 02:00 #179

  • mver
  • mver's Avatar
  • Web-ster and Volunteer
These are some good posts on attending regulatory board meetings.

I have attended such meetings in NC for both the funeral and cemetery industries, as well as an advisory board on food safety. Look carefully and you will see that these meetings can be the essence of democracy --- where stakeholders gather to discuss their concerns and the public interest --- IF the public is represented.

So having non-industry members of the public present is vital, since most of the time the media do not have the resources to report on these meetings. My experience has been that a guest is often recognized and asked to make comments, or can ask in advance to have such opportunities.Usernam

If you attend repeatedly (i.e. pay your dues) you gain credibility and can increase your effectiveness, even if you need to differ with some board positions. And you gather information that can be used in letters to the editor, op-eds, blogs and in advocacy with legislators.

We publicize these board meetings on our web site (fcat-nc.org)
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