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TOPIC: Prepaid Funeral Plans

Prepaid Funeral Plans 16 Jul 2010 12:54 #342

How do I find out if a deceased relative had a prepaid funeral plan?

My father-in-law mentioned that he had a prepaid for his funeral before he died several years ago. We were unable to find any information about the plan in his papers after his death and paid again for his burial. I would like to find out if he did prepay and if a refund could be obtained since we did not use the service. Please let me know if you there is a better venue for the question

Thanks! Dave
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Re:Prepaid Funeral Plans 17 Jul 2010 10:51 #343

In what state was the prepaid funeral plan purchased?

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Re:Prepaid Funeral Plans 19 Jul 2010 05:15 #344

California. We are not absolutely sure that he purchased a plan. Thx.
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Re:Prepaid Funeral Plans 24 Jul 2010 11:48 #345

That's a tough one. If you can't find any papers in his belongings, safe deposit box or with his attorney... it may not have happened. The only other thing I can think of would be to call all the funeral homes in his immediate area and ask if they have a file on him.

Good luck!

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Re:Prepaid Funeral Plans 01 Aug 2010 12:59 #350

  • northstar73
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  • Licensed Embalmer and Funeral Director
Preplanning rules vary greatly by state. In some states, it is required that the funeral home taking the funds for preplanning file a report with an agency within the state government. This may be a department of insurance or a state board of mortuary science or funeral service. My recommendation is to contact any funeral home in your state and ask IF they are required to report preplanning funds to any other entity and if so, WHO they are required to do so with.

Good luck in your search... and for the record, yes, if you paid from personal funds, preplanned funds should be returned to you.

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Re:Prepaid Funeral Plans 01 Dec 2011 09:54 #682

We used to run across this situation all the time at the funeral home.

Oftentimes a person will tell those inquiring about their final decisions that they have already paid for a funeral. Most people think it's nobody's business (and I agree). So, they tell those that inquire that it's "all arranged and paid for".

In fact, it's not and they never made arrangements ahead of time. It's an easy way to silence those who want to make YOUR funeral arrangements THEIR business.

I can't tell you the number of times we at the funeral home had to convince families that there were NO arrangements, and that we knew nothing about the decedent before they died. Many families were suspicious and did not want to believe there were NEVER any arrangements.

This happens all the time in the funeral business....maybe 25% of the families we served insisted their arrangements were already paid for, but never could find a receipt or any plan or any written arrangements. They believed the deceased, but were not told the truth by the's just human nature to believe what the decedent told you.
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