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TOPIC: FTC Rules on Funeral Packages

Re:FTC Rules on Funeral Packages 30 Nov 2011 18:51 #667

Funeral homes are allowed by the FTC to "discount" packages. If they don't want to discount a package, they certainly don't have to.

The discounted package is an effort to get you to buy everything most people want, so the funeral home can count on a certain amount of income from each final arrangement.

If you don't want the discount package, you select "a la carte" from the Price List. If it costs you more, that's the way it is, and it's allowed by law.

If you went into a restaurant and the "blue plate special" is discounted, but you don't want one of the side dishes, then you buy each item seperately. They won't discount the price of the "blue plate special" just because you don't want one of the side dishes.
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