My father-n-law just pasted away about 2

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My father-n-law just pasted away about 2 weeks ago he had no money & no life insurance we were told we had to come up with the money to burie him before it would happen. We begged, barrowed and almost stole to come up with 2/3 of it they finely they said they could do it if we could come up with the rest in30 days I ask the guy if he could come up with that sum of money in 30 days, he wouldnt answer.My husband ended up being taken by ambluance from the cemitary to the hospital. It was all the stress he had been in over the past month to two month seeing his Dad go through so much pain as he did & having to make promises to him he didnt know he could keep. The last three weeks I could see it was really take a toll on his health. Now we owe people that we had to barrow from & a big bill at the funeral home. We are both on disablity so we dont make much is there help out there for us. We will go to our graves oweing on his funeral. We need some kind of help!!!

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