After reading this I have decided that I

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After reading this I have decided that I will be buried somewhere in the Arctic...How much could it cost to fly a body from the USA , and have someone put me in a wooden box a few feet under the ice? I remember about 10-15 years a go reading a National Geographic article with photos of a couple of bodies discovered in the Arctic, that were sailors from a waling ship that got stuck in the ice in 1840. There was almost no decomposition. Their bodies and clothing looked like they could sit up and ask for a warm cup of coffee!!! I am SURE it would be cheaper than being frozen in liquid nitrogen for a hundreds years with the hope of being re-animated in the year 3013! But this is all mute, because like all of us, we don't REALLY think WE are going to we? No, it's always the other guy!
This is a comment on "Bones, Bugs, and Batesville"

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