I used to work in a funeral home in Illi

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I used to work in a funeral home in Illinois, and I'm sure the laws very from state to state but in Illinois rest assured the cremated remains you get back are indeed those of your loved one. The process here goes like this: when a body is ready for cremation 2 ID tags are made with a number designated for each corpse, that number is exclusive to that person and that person only. It can be referenced back to in information on file of the decedent. One tag is placed in with the body the other is hung on an information card on the outside of the retort. When cream action is complete the numbers are matched up and the tag that was in the retort with the remains goes inside the urn with the cremaines and the other stays in the deceased file. That way if their is ever any question about the identity of the remains the info can be verified at the funeral home.
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