My heart hurts after reading about your

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My heart hurts after reading about your daughter's death and the shoddy treatment your family received from Klamath Tribute Center. One saying that I have found to be true in life is "what comes around, goes around". So Tim Lancaster and Bob Gordon, you need to really think about the pain you have caused this family and do whatever it takes to make it right because this could be the turning point in your business and life that you may someday look back on and regret. No amount of money will ever be worth causing another person this much anguish. My good advice to you both is MAKE IT RIGHT! NOW! Don't risk the higher power's involvement to make it right, because you will pay in your own tears. To this family I again want to tell you how sorry I am that you were subjected to this misery.
This is a comment on "Hall of Shame: Klamath Tribute Center"

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