Montana - Right of Disposition, 2009

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2/3/2009 - The Montana Legislature has introduced a bill clarifying who has the right to make decisions about funeral arrangements. The trouble is, the bill only lets a citizen make his wishes legally binding through a prepaid funeral contract! Thirty-nine other states have personal preference and designated agent laws that allow people to put their wishes in writing, and appoint someone to carry them out. Montana should follow suit, instead of relying on the "next-of-kin" devolution; a recipe for disaster in the family courts if relatives can't agree. Click here to read HB 386. FCA will send a letter of testimony to the House Business and Labor Committee before its February 9, 2009 meeting.
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1 Friday, 06 March 2009 14:07
William Spoja
This bill makes it virtually impossible for a surviving spouse or other family member to change arrangements made before death by a decedent EVEN IF CONDITIONS ARE MATERIALLY CHANGED. Even if a spouse and the mortician agreed, the mortiician probably would not dare change the plans if there was a surviving child or other relative who objected to the change. This make the funeral a ceremony for the dead and the recalcitrant, and not for the living. This will have to be changed when the people of Montana discover how it works.

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