I know Tim Lancaster as a good, kind, Ch

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I know Tim Lancaster as a good, kind, Christian man with a beautiful family of his own. I am tremendously saddened that he would allow this to happen to Cheryl and her family. They went through a tremendous trauma in their lives. Cheryl chose Eternal Hills/Klamath Tribute Center to help her through this difficult time. In reading through these emails, it is clear that some procedures need to be put into place to prevent the numberous errors from occuring and to remedy those that do occur on a prompt basis. Any thing that has not been remedied for Cheryl should be done so with top priority. Consideration should be given to refunding all of Cheryl's money as it is clear she was not satisfied with your service and with good reason. At the very least, I would hope that you would take responsibility for the errors made by your organization and offer Cheryl an apology. Tim, I know you are a good man. I hope you will spend some time in prayer over this matter and then do the right thing. Mr. Gordon, as the owner of this business, my opinion is that you need to step up. Cheryl and Nikki, I love you both very much and hope this situation gets remedied soon. I pray that you don't have to resort to legal action.
This is a comment on "Hall of Shame: Klamath Tribute Center"

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