FCA Elections 2010

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Every two years, the local groups affiliated with FCA elect members to the national board of directors. This year, eight candidates are running to fill five seats opening on the national board. These candidates come from FCA-affiliated groups from around the country. They are (click READ MORE below):

Tracy Auclair
Bay Area Funeral Society
Lena Marie Brooks
FCA of Houston

Rodger Ericson
Austin Memorial and Burial Information Society

Don Mertic
Chicago Memorial Association

Joyce Mitchell
FCA of Utah

David R. Morrison, Incumbent Board Member
FCA of South Central Pennsylvania

Nancy Petersen, Incumbent Board Member
FCA of Greater Kansas City

Laurie Powsner, Incumbent President
FCA of Princeton
You can download and read their biographies in pdf form at the bottom of this post.  Each FCA affiliate will receive voting ballots and copies of the candidates's biographies by US mail.
Download this file (David.Morrison1.0210.pdf)Morrison Bio[ ]58 Kbm/j/Y
Download this file (Don.Mertic.0210.pdf)Mertic Bio[ ]58 Kbm/j/Y
Download this file (Laurie.Powsner.0210.pdf)Powsner Bio[ ]262 Kbm/j/Y
Download this file (Lena.M.Brooks.0210.pdf)Brooks Bio[ ]107 Kbm/j/Y
Download this file (Mitchell.Joyce.0210.pdf)Mitchell Bio[ ]68 Kbm/j/Y
Download this file (Nancy.Petersen.0210.pdf)Petersen Bio[ ]59 Kbm/j/Y
Download this file (Rodger.Ericson.0210.pdf)Ericson Bio[ ]167 Kbm/j/Y
Download this file (Tracy.Auclair.0210.pdf)Auclair Bio[ ]92 Kbm/j/Y
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1 Sunday, 14 March 2010 10:55
Michael Rulison
While I read several statements about the importance of this, I don't have a sense of how this is going month by month and how our financial reserves are faring. Might FCA want to try an NPR gimic: challenges from one donor to others to match a donation? E.g. I'll give $x if y others give $x?

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