13 Things the Funeral Director Won’t Tell You

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Reader's Digest Magazine
June/July 2011
Go ahead and plan your funeral, but think twice before paying in advance. You risk losing everything if the funeral home goes out of business. Instead, keep your money in a pay-on-death account at your bank.

Corporate chains have bought out hundreds of family-owned funeral homes in recent years, but they often keep the original name, appearance, and even some employees after a buyout. The one thing they usually do change? The prices.
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1 Tuesday, 25 March 2014 07:25
Thomas Pope
You need to get your facts straight before printing misleading info.
Preneed money is protected by the state boards of the state ( similar to FDIC for banks) A fee is charged for this reserve (filing fee). How are the bank deposits going to take care of inflation with the interest they pay.
National have little space available. State cemetery will furnish plots and markers, the family will need to provide the liners.
Get the FACTS FIRST then make an informed decision.

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