15 Slogans for Death’s New PR Campaign

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Confessions of a Funeral Director
January 27, 2012

Death has been Mark Driscolled of late.  It’s taken some heat ... some heat that maybe it’s due.  But, Death isn’t really that bad of a guy.  He’s just a normal dude with a difficult job.

As an effort to vault Death’s public perception, Death has hired us to create a slogan that the world’s public will buy into.  A slogan that will help change the world’s perceptions.

Here are 15 slogans.  You’re the first test group, so feel free to criticize or change any of the slogan’s you see; or add any slogans you can create.

1.  "10 out of 10 human’s are doing it!"

2.  "It’s natural.  It’s good for the environment.  It’s green.  It’s death."

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