An Interview with Ann-Ellice Parker

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SevenPonds Blog
June 30, 2012

Ann-Ellice Parker is the wonderfully insightful “death midwife” who runs Seasons of Change home funeral and end-of-life practice in Berkeley CA.

SevenPonds: Why do you do this work?

Ann-Ellice: I started as a death midwife and home funeral is a logical extension of that.  My job is to empower and re-empower families around end of life and death and dying issues.  So often, death takes place behind closed doors, either in nursing homes or hospitals, very divorced from the normal routine of life.  I really believe that death and dying is a sacred time — as sacred as birth, and truly can be as liberating and beautiful and life-changing an experience as a birth — but people have to open themselves up to the possibility of transformation.

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