Eco-Death: How to Bury an Earth Friendly Corpse

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Energy Digital
14 Jun 2012

The traditional burial process is chemical ridden and spatially consuming, so what are some green ways to bury the dead?

The ways in which dead bodies are burdening the earth are endless. Overpopulation promises to have a global person count of approximately ten billion earthlings by 2100. Yet our graveyards are already overflowing with the remains of the dead, and the methods used to process the deceased are poisoning the vitality of mother earth. Noxious embalming fluids and carbon producing cremation processes are ensuring dead people continue to have a negative impact on our planet, long after their sinful deeds of over-consumption and irresponsible indulgence have destroyed our delicate eco-system during their waking lives.

But hey, we love the dead, so what are some eco-conscious ways to bury the deceased, and maybe even offer them some karmic salvation in the process?

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1 Tuesday, 17 July 2012 09:06
Lee Ryan
I love the idea of green burial, but it is important to understand what this really means to the consumer. I wrote an article recently:
Worth looking at if your planning to go green.

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