Tumultuous Funerals

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Mortuary Management
July 3, 2012

“When the Deceased Can’t Rest in Peace…”

For most persons, funerals are meant to be a time of solemn reflection, a dignified celebration of a deceased’s life. All too often, however, the decorum and sanctity of these ceremonies are irreparably marred by hostile confrontations, disruptive behaviors or even disorderly altercations erupting amongst family members, friends and those who have ostensibly gathered to pay their last respects.

While these situations are relatively infrequent in comparison to the millions of funerals held each year without incident, the consequences and liabilities associated with what may be considered “tumultuous funerals” can neither be ignored nor denied. Albeit unfortunate, funeral directors can no longer assume that the historical sanctity of viewings, funerals or burials will be respected or perpetuated to the degree they once enjoyed. This observation may be further validated by a growing trend for secular, contemporary and even theme services that many times celebrate the “lifestyle” and not the life, of the deceased. A funeral director’s failure to identify or act upon these or other “foreseeable” risks is all that may be required to allow the unthinkable to occur with unspeakable results.

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