How to Avoid Fights Over Inheritance

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U.S.News & World Report
July 17, 2012

Experts say a will alone is insufficient to prevent family squabbles

An elderly woman on her deathbed has an estate worth $400,000. She has four children and a will stating that she wants each child to receive 25 percent of her assets after she dies.

The situation seems simple enough: The woman has a legal document in place—a will—that contains specifics on how she wants her estate to be passed along to her children. But according to estate-planning experts, this woman's death could kick off a long and expensive legal process that often turns ugly. Fights over inheritance can cause rifts in families that are sometimes impossible to heal, these experts say.

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1 Thursday, 26 July 2012 08:08
M Rulison
Having read this US News... article, I feel that it provides a very basic background on wills and trusts, it is superficial and not well written. E.g. the initial example of a woman with a will is broached, but I could not find it completed in the article. Persons concerned with this issue should seek better resources before making conclusions for themselves.

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