Funeral frustration

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Gainesville FL
August 23, 2012

Ninety-four years-old and still lively, Marjorie Berger made decisions now so her funeral arrangements could be put to rest for her family.

"Because I didn't want to leave them a bunch of trouble," Marjorie says. "I wanted to know it would be paid for, and the kids wouldn't have any problems."

However, Marjorie wound up with a problem anyway. She spent $9,000 dollars on a funeral package from Lohman Funeral Home in Ormond Beach, including a vault at Volusia Memorial Park.

Days later, Marjorie remembered she had already bought a vault directly from the same Volusia cemetery 35 years ago, in 1977. "I had put the papers away I had kept from my first husband," Marjorie explains. "And there it was in black and white that I had bought and paid for the vault."

Marjorie's daughter Marcie was excited to hear that news, "And I said, 'well great! Did you call Lohman's?' She said, 'Yes, but they're not going to do anything.'" Marcie recalls, "because they claim it was after 30 days after she signed the contract."

Read the full article and see video (3:39) at WOGX-FOX 51

Thanks to the DeathCare Discussion List for alerting us to this article.

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1 Sunday, 23 September 2012 19:52
I live in Pa. I am guardian of my Uncle who is in a nursing home in Va. I recently learned that he has two pre paid funerals . One is in a trust form in a bank in Maryland and the other is through a funeral home via and insurance company in Virginia. What should I do about it ?
2 Sunday, 23 September 2012 19:55
Josh Slocum, FCA Exec. Director
Hi there,

Do you have all the contractual paperwork? Are you saying that he actually bought two whole funerals, or is something else going on?

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