My Passion: Consumers need to know about the cost of funerals

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Salem OR
Aug 27, 2012

Ken McGhehey of McMinnville is semi-retired from the funeral industry.

Recently I conducted a survey of six area funeral homes. The survey resulted from my desire to see consumers become better educated about funeral costs.

I spent 40 years in the industry, and I know from experience that investigating and planning for funerals usually is put off until the need is unavoidable.

After a death has occurred, the next step is often to call a funeral home. Sometimes it is a business recommended by a friend; sometimes it is whatever name we remember or whatever advertisement we see in the phone book.

But the public has options, and it’s wise to look into them ahead of time.

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Thanks to the DeathCare Discussion List for alerting us to this article.

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1 Monday, 10 September 2012 16:38
sHIRLEY Stroud Cheek
&3 yrs told. Wanted to cancelled a Pre Need. Funeral home told me I could added addional things later or canelled at anytime, not so. told Ican not "without a Court order" because the Funeral guy wrote "IRREVOCABLe", I was told that meant the F>H> would never change the price unless I added new item to the cremation. I was very meager in my selection of service, only 30 minutes of vistation for mychildren, no music. Now I am told I will need a Court order to cancelle this or transfer it to my daugther home in Texas. I would stillhave to pay out the contract. I want nothing more to do with this Funeral Home. The NC Funeral service, Board for NC will not say what should be in the Court order, even though Mr, Dirksen(?), said have the lawyer call me and I will tell him", The Superior Court Clerk @ Greensboro Civil tried to trach down what should be in the order but no luck,only that I need an attorney to help revoke the contract. The NCFHS ? suggested I transfer the contract, why, so I should give more money to people who lie to me. the Funeral home did offer to buy my $1,050., plot for $300.00. THere is no accounting for Lawyers and Funeral Directors, both are ruthless and unscrupulous about making money. I spent all of Money Sept.10, at District Court, Law Library, Forms on the Internet , phone Calls to the same guy in Raleigh for answeres to no avail. Let this be a warning before signing a PRENEEDS contract.

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