13+ Things A Funeral Director Won’t Tell You

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Reader's Digest Magazine
June/July 2011

By Michelle Crouch

Money-saving secrets funeral directors from across the country aren't taking to the grave with these insider tips for planning a funeral.

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Thanks to the FCA of North Texas for alerting us to this article.

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Comments (2)
1 Wednesday, 23 October 2013 14:37
Ken Roberts
This is the least accurate article I have ever read about the industry.
2 Wednesday, 23 October 2013 22:23
Ken: Let me guess....you work in the funeral industry? LOL Obviously, the Reader's Digest article does take some literary license, but most of it IS true. Unfortunately, there are bad players out there that give reputable funeral homes a bad name. If the reputable funeral homes don't want to get painted with the same bad brush as the shady establishments, then they should do something about it and take a more active role with the state Funeral Board and file complaints and support Board investigations to get the scam artists to clean up their act or shut down their operations.

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