Home Funerals : A Full Measure of Devotion

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Obit Magazine
by Joyce Gemperlein
May 12, 2009

(DIY) home funeral movement

Would you, could you, say goodbye to a deceased family member by washing the body, laying it on a bed of dry ice – perhaps, like in old-timey Westerns, on the kitchen table right where the breakfast dishes were – gather the proper burial documents and dig a suitable hole?

More and more baby boomers in the United States are asking themselves that question lately, say members of the do-it-yourself (DIY) home funeral movement, which began about two decades ago.

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1 Wednesday, 10 October 2012 06:35
Jim Bates
My family just did a home funeral for my Dad. He was 90 years old and did not deserve to be poked and filled with embalming fluid, nor burned in a crematory; just washed, dressed and buried. We did not use funeral professionals, and found it easier to do it ourselves. My adult kids and young grandkids embraced it as something new and interesting; a very grownup thing to do. 100 pounds of dry ice, a simple pine box, and burial in the family plot 400 miles away in West Texas. Very nice.
2 Saturday, 13 February 2016 19:04
Jo Snelling
Helpful commentary . I was fascinated by the details ! Does someone know where my business can get access to a blank CA FL-395 copy to fill out ?

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