Obsessing Over Death Isn’t Just For Old People Any More

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Vice Media (UK)
October 13, 2012

Interview with Caitlin Doughty (Order of the Good Death)

VICE:  So, Caitlin. Death to a lot of people is a bad thing. A bummer, at least. What exactly is a ‘good death’?

CAITLIN DOUGHTY:  A good death starts when you’re still young. You have to live your life acknowledging that death is inevitable and let it affect your relationships and view on the world. A good death is about planning your death and what you want done with your body and taking delight in it. It’s about the quest to have everything in place – literally and emotionally – when you die. Preparing for death doesn’t mean preparing for some kind of afterlife. Preparing for death is to enhance the life you’re living right now.

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