Federal court rules in favor of monks, sends casket case to Louisiana Supreme Court

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The Times-Picayune (NOLA.com)
New Orleans LA
Published October 23, 2012
Updated October 24, 2012

"We insist that Louisiana's rules not be irrational."

In a sometimes harshly worded ruling, a panel of federal appellate judges Tuesday evening smacked down the Louisiana funeral board's continued attempts to prevent the St. Joseph Abbey monks from selling their hand-crafted caskets. "The great deference due state economic regulation (does not require) courts to accept nonsensical explanations for naked transfers of wealth," wrote Judges Patrick Higginbotham, Catharina Haynes and Stephen A. Higginson of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans. "We insist that Louisiana's rules not be irrational."

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