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Not your typical Christmas wish list: Missouri legislation

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Death Care Law Blog
December 23, 2010

Triggered by the NPS collapse, preneed reform rolled out of the Missouri legislature like a tsunami. When the funeral industry was slow to organize and respond to the situation, legislators worked with state officials to imposed sweeping changes.
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Deaths spike on Christmas, New Year's, study finds

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December 21, 2010

A new U.S. analysis of mortality rates during different times of year found that people are more likely to die during the holidays -- notably on Christmas and New Year's Day -- and researchers cannot explain the yearly spike.
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The Public Outcry for Funeral Reform (A History)

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December 20, 2010

Diverging from the mythical story line which held the American way to be the most advanced, [Reverend Quincy L.] Dowd implies in the book "Funeral Management and Costs: A World Survey of Burial and Cremation" published in 1921] that America’s practices are actually backward and in desperate need of rehabbing. When he talks about the economics of death, and especially the burden placed on the middle and lower classes by the high cost of funerals, he raises questions about the wisdom of how people actually want to dispose of their dead.
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Missing body parts lead to huge lawsuit

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The Stewart Houston Times
Erin, Tennessee
December 14, 2010

The civil suit was filed in Houston County Chancery Court on behalf of former Erin residents William and Sandra Covey, whose 26-year-old daughter, Wendy, died when the family home on Main Street was destroyed by fire on Jan. 26, 2002.  According to court filings by Attorney for the Plaintiffs Vincent Zuccaro of Franklin, the Coveys always suspected foul play was involved in their daughter's death, even though an autopsy conducted the day after the fire by the office of the Tennessee State Medical Examiner in Nashville found no such evidence.  It took the Coveys eight years to gather enough money to have their daughter's body exhumed from the Gray-Barnes Cemetery in Tennessee Ridge and to have a second, independent autopsy performed by Forensic Services LLC and Dr. E. Allen Griggs in Clarksville.
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Reviving a Ritual of Tending to the Dead

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The New York Times
December 12, 2010

The volunteers are taught to begin at the head, washing the face before proceeding to the neck and right shoulder. The right side is to be washed before the left side, the front before the back. There are prayers to say. Small talk is forbidden.

The Jewish protocol for tending to the dead governs almost every interaction between the living and the deceased from the moment of death until burial. The ritual, which has been part of religious law for two millenniums, mandates the protection of the physical and spiritual remains.
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