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FTC Proposes New Guidelines for Collecting Debt from Dead People

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The Washington Post
Monday, November 22, 2010

The Federal Trade Commission is seeking to revise the protocol surrounding two of life's touchiest subjects: debt and death.

Debt collection has become an increasingly controversial practice as more Americans default on loan payments. Government data show the charge-off rate on consumer loans spiked to 6.71 percent during the second quarter - the highest level in at least 25 years. (Five years ago, the charge-off rate - loans written off by their lenders as uncollectable - was 2.4 percent.) Meanwhile, debt collection ranked second on the FTC's list of most common consumer complaints last year after not even cracking the top 20 two years ago.
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Family upset by hospital's removal of patient's organs in autopsy

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The Dallas Morning News
Thursday, December 9, 2010

It was at the funeral home, when she embraced her dead daughter, that Maria Guadalupe Soto noticed the difference.

"She was too light," Soto recalled.

It wasn't the imagination of a grieving mother. Medical records show that Sonia Soto's body weighed 157 pounds at the start of a hospital autopsy and only 100 pounds when it reached the funeral parlor.
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People Prefer Either a "Celebration of Life" or No Funeral At All

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December 8, 2010
Survey of Funeral Choices
New Survey Shows Contrasting Funeral Choices

People Prefer Either a "Celebration of Life" or No Funeral At All

Chicago, IL - The new survey conducted by revealed an important finding for the funeral industry - almost half of those surveyed would like a "celebration of life" ceremony versus only 11% that prefer a traditional funeral. Also, a startling fact came to light - over 30% do not want a funeral.
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Funeral Home Shut Down; 150 Scramble To Make Arrangements

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Death...and more
Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Five months after an Ohio funeral home was forced to shut down, the Ohio Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors has announced meetings to help 150 people who prepaid for their funeral arrangements there.

State inspectors visited the Routson Funeral Chapel in Findlay back in June. Gregory Routson's license was, and remains suspended after a number of violations were found including unprofessional embalming and inappropriate condition of a corpse.
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D.N.R. by Another Name

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The New York Times
December 6, 2010

Let’s imagine an end-of-life scenario. Your ailing and elderly parent has been admitted to the hospital yet again with a condition she’s not going to recover from. The medical team asks what they should do if her heart stops. She’s always said she didn’t want to die "hooked up to a bunch of machines," but you’ve never really explored the details. Besides, though she has a terminal illness, no one has yet mentioned the d-word.

The key question: Should your parent have a D.N.R. order, meaning "do not resuscitate"?

Before you answer, another key question: Would that decision be any clearer, easier or less painful if the order was instead called A.N.D., for "allow natural death?"
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