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How do I explain death to children?

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Lifetimes: The  beautiful way to explain death to children

While written primarily for Baby-Preschool reading level, this excellent illustrated book has important concepts for adults.
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Buried in a Shoe? Ghana's Custom Coffins Celebrate Lives of the Dead

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AOL News
Oct 26, 2010

Ghana's Custom Coffins

A coffin might be your most lasting purchase -- so shouldn't it make a lasting impression?

Craftsmen in the African nation of Ghana have gained international acclaim for their flashy, custom-built coffins, which are individually designed to resemble an object with special meaning to the person who died.
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Missouri's Show Me Procedures || Preneed

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Death Care Compliance Law
October 26, 2010

Missouri's Show Me Procedures

The Missouri State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors has released its proposed preneed examination procedures. The release comes just 24 hours before the Board’s October 27th meeting, and so few funeral directors will be prepared to ask questions.
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Shop for a Plot || AARP Bulletin

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Save a Buck

Shop for a Plot

Here’s one way to trim burial costs. Instead of buying a plot directly from a cemetery, consider the resale market, where brokers buy and sell unused plots or bring together sellers and buyers who then make their own deals.
Read the full article in the AARP Bulletin (September 1, 2010)
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Funeral home industry not recession proof

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October 24, 2010
The Shreveport Times

Death is certain, but that doesn't mean the funeral home industry is recession proof.
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