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FCA recognizes that the dissemination of individual experiences, the reporting of public information, and linking to other sites can help further our mission of educating the public on their funeral rights and options. However, FCA's limited resources and the nature of the Internet make it impossible to verify the content of personal experiences that are supplied by others or to verify the content of linked sites. FCA accepts no responsibility for these. Comments on the contents of personal reports and linked websites should be directed to the author(s).

Grave Robbers: Anti-Competitive Regulations for the Dead

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The Freeman
May 7, 2013

Foundation for Economic Education

A host of anticompetitive regulations serve funeral directors at the expense of the grieving.

Read the full artticle at The Freeman


No Grey Suits

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Vermonter Jack Manning's touching, candid, and funny account of the death of his wife, Ann, and the friends who came together to perform her funeral is a must read. If there's a better illustration of the fact that the value in funerals comes from human contact, community, and love, we haven't seen it.

Click the picture to the left to download No Grey Suits as a .pdf.

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Complying with the Funeral Rule (VIDEO)

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Bureau of Consumer Protection
Business Center
Federal Trade Commission

The Funeral Rule gives people making funeral arrangements some important rights. And it establishes some basic requirements for funeral homes. If you sell funeral goods and services, you’ll want to know how to comply.


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Green Burial in New York--Open Meeting

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Green Burial in New York State

You are invited to attend our Annual Meeting of the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Long Island/New York City on Saturday, April 13, 2013, at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Shelter Rock,
48 Shelter Rock Road, Manhasset, New York. The meeting is free. Refreshments are served after the meeting.

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FCA Vermont 2013 Gathering

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Laughing in the Face of Death: Funny Films to Start

Serious Funeral Planning Conversations
Keynote address at FCA-VT Annual Meeting/Conference
Saturday, May 4th, 1:00 PM, Norwich Congregational Church, Norwich, VT 

We plan our finances, our families, our retirement, just about everything
except our funerals. Without end-of-life planning, life’s other plans can come

Just as talking about sex won’t make you pregnant, talking about funerals
won’t make you dead – and your family will benefit from the conversation.
Gail Rubin, author of the award-winning book A Good Goodbye: Funeral
Planning for Those Who Don't Plan to Die, uses gentle humor to convey the
vital information about funeral arrangements that most people don’t learn
about until faced with a death in the family.

Ms. Rubin will speak about funeral planning issues, illustrating her points with clips from comedy films and television programs. Films include Death at a Funeral, Undertaking Betty, The Big Lebowski, The Six Wives of Henry LeFay, and the “Chuckles Bites The Dust” episode from the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Come on out to laugh and learn!

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