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Preneed schemes in West Virginia

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A West Virginia funeral home pocketed over $30,000 that was meant to be put into trust under the state's Consumer Credit and Protection Act. This is a reminder of one of the many reasons why we caution people against prepaying for a funeral. Read on at Huntington News. 


NYTimes: Headstone Makers Battle Newark Archdiocese for Business

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The New Jersey Legislature is taking up bills to keep the Roman Catholic church from competing against the private funeral industry, but the church is pushing back.

Read on at . Alabama families explore alternative funerals, seek more options for loved ones after death

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Although many Alabamians still opt for traditional services, the National Funeral Directors Association acknowledges a spike in personalization, particularly among baby boomers who still consider funerals a valuable part of the grieving process and seek more ways to make them meaningful for the living. 


A new memorial trend uses your loved one's ashes in a tattoo

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If you're interested in carrying a bit of someone who died with you at all times, a tattoo parlor in Leicester, England can permanently join you and your loved one's cremains. Leicester Mercury has the story.

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From the Atlantic - Death on the internet: The rise of livestreaming funerals

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"Does webcasting bode well for the future of death acceptance? Or does it only promote of our further alienation from that inevitable moment?"

South Carolina funeral director, Walker Posey, says that approximately 25% of his clients choose to livestream their funerals for family and friends that can't make it.

Read more at the Atlantic.

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