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Court leaves Pennsylvania in 1952

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The US Supreme Court declined to take an appeal from funeral director Ernie Heffner, who sued the state of Pennsylvania for enforcing outdated laws that limit competition. (Funeral Consumers Alliance contributed a friend of the court brief for the plaintiffs.) This means there are no more legal options in the court system. Pennsylvania's blatantly ridiculous bans on serving food at funeral homes and its convoluted licensing scheme that keeps rich, legacy funeral homes in business without facing competition will have to be changed by legislation. 

For earlier detailed coverage see here.

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What's a Shameful Burial?

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Caroline Vuyadinov writes:

"I think a shameful burial is one where the system fails, when laws do not allow families to fill out forms for burial because they do not have an education to embalm, or when there are not affordable options open to them."

Read the whole thing for some truth-telling about the real meaning of funerals (spoiler: it has nothing to do with money or the particular rituals) and how our culture burdens grieving people with guilt they don't deserve.

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Funeral Procession: Public Nuisance or Sacred Tradition?

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Questioning the necessity or safety of a time-honored tradition is often met with ire. Josh Slocum addresses the elephant on the road: the funeral procession. Read all about it at The Order Of The Good Death.

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Co-op funeral providers are finding themselves at home in Canada

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The Co-op Funeral movement in Canada is taking off. Modest spending and an aversion to the aggressive sales tactics of some other for-profit funeral homes are causing many to turn to co-op funeral providers for their final arrangements. Read about it here.


CBS: "Mortician wants to start a death revolution"

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Recent FCA Biennial Conference speaker, author, YouTube star, and mortician, Caitlin Doughty, is interviewed by CBS. Her bizarre and hilarious YouTube video series about death's weirder moments takes a backseat here to a serious discussion about how the American conversation on death and dying is shifting. Read it here.

Click here to view her delightful videos and find answers to all the burning questions about death and corpses you never thought to ask!


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