I am so sorry for you and your family, w

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I am so sorry for you and your family, we had a similar experience with the video, it did not work and we also had family anxious to watch, only to discover had they sent the video without sound except for the music. We were appalled the video was not previewed before sending to our relatives. They did finally retrieve the video only, not the service, as it was lost, so video was finally sent out after multiple conversations. My mother passed away in Jan of 2013 as of two weeks ago the 2013 date was still not on her grave marker after we have been told at least four times it was on order, would be there the next week etc. only to discover, upon request for Tim to look at the site, that they no longer can order this marker thus must be special ordered. So, one can conclude we had misinformation from staff and Tim for months before a direct confrontation with Tim. We also had other issues, but like you, we feel it is extremely disrespectful at the time of loss to forget, misrepresent and not be professional and truthful to the families who pay for your services. So, again so sorry for all your heartache with the funeral home and for your loss. We thought this was not their regular business practice, but after reading your challenges, we feel the same about never doing business with Eternal Hills in the future.
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