I am very touched by all the support I'v

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I am very touched by all the support I've gotten here..and Josh is amazing for posting this blog on my and my daughter's behalf. I want to say that not 24 hours after the blog went live I received an email from Tim saying that they had gotten the affidavit to correct the death certificate and that they were "going to make it right" by refunding the money I had paid. I requested that he let me know what day would work best since I only have Tuesday and Wednesday off and yet have heard nothing back. I guess I should have expected that with their track record, but I was hopeful that I could finally put this behind me. I truly believe that Tim thought if he told me what I wanted to hear that I would back off..which I will not do. These people are heartless and it is my intent to make sure they can't hurt other families by their lack of professionalism. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, but the company already has an "F Rating" so it is doubtful that this will do much good. I'm not sure exactly what my next step will be but I do know that they have "messed with the wrong momma now". Thank you again for your support.
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