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Cost of dying has risen, even for cremations

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Daily Record
Parsippany NJ
Feb. 19, 2011

Viewings, caskets, urns add to expense; economy has impact

When Margot Pesce’s middle-aged sister died unexpectedly last month, the Montville resident found herself experiencing sticker shock: $6,000 to fulfill her sister’s wish to be cremated.

"It’s outrageous," she said.
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Parkland Hospital [Dallas] changes autopsy policy after family complains about missing organs

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The Dallas Morning News
Published 25 February 2011
Parkland Memorial Hospital has changed the way families are asked to approve an autopsy for a deceased loved one, giving the next of kin a better idea of what the procedure entails.

Green Burial

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February 25, 2011

This type of burial is seen as a return to a long tradition. Once upon a time, green burial was the standard procedure. The goal at that time was the same as now: to allow the body to return to the Earth it sprang from, in other words, dust to dust.
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Do your homework before you die; here's help

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Quote Funeral
Funeral Planning

While funeral planning is not uppermost in their minds, many Americans do give some thought to their eventual demise.

They buy life insurance so that their loved ones can afford to pay for the funeral, they prepare wills, they may even prepare instructions on how they wish to be handled once they're gone. But they and their loved ones could do one thing more that would save a lot of anguish when the time finally comes: research the funeral business and shop around for the best price.
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The Party No One Wants To Plan

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American Academy of Estate
Planning Attorneys - Blog
February 22, 2011

But if brides and grooms planned their weddings the way most people plan their funerals, they'd be scrambling to pull every element together in three to five days. Talk about stress!
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