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Preserving a Nation (History of U.S. Embalming)

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Obit Magazine
January 17, 2011

On May 24, 1861, Union Army Colonel Elmer E. Ellsworth was shot and killed in Alexandria, Virginia, while trying to remove a Confederate flag from the roof of the Marshall House Hotel.  The unfortunate Ellsworth was also a lawyer who had a special relationship with the president of the United States.  He had clerked in Abraham Lincoln’s law office in Springfield, Illinois.  When he heard of the death, a distraught Lincoln asked the colonel’s regiment to bring his friend’s body to the White House for the funeral service.  By being so honored, the colonel was about to become part of a process that would alter the course of American mortuary history.

At the time, embalming was a relative rarity in the United States as well as a work much in progress.... All told, an estimated 40,000 of the approximately 650,000 soldiers who died in the conflict were embalmed.
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Stacking the Deck

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Obit Magazine
February 21, 2011

Go Fish is the first card game many of us learn to play. Go Wish could be the last.
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So what does happen to your digital assets after you die?

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The Digital Beyond
This is a simple question and we wish there was a simple answer. Unfortunately there isn’t a standard way that Internet users can expect service providers to handle their accounts after death.
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Cemetery Marker Sales and the "Deferred Delivery Expense"

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Death Care Law Blog
February 20, 2011

We don’t like to be reminded of our mortality. Cemetery operators face this issue with many marker and monument sales. An illness may lead a husband and wife to begin making plans, which often includes the purchase of a grave space and a marker. But, it is difficult for many individuals to view a marker complete except for a date of death. Consequently, it is common for the couple to defer delivery of the marker until some future date. Unfortunately, some cemeteries (or monument dealers) go out of business, or change ownership, and the marker goes undelivered.
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Should we celebrate death? (VIDEO)

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NHS Local
National Health Service (UK)
Tuesday, 9 November 2010
The Mexicans have a national holiday (Día de los Muertos) in November to celebrate the lives of people who have died. They believe that a more open society which talks about and celebrates death leads to a healthier society. Elizabeth Baquedano, lecturer in Aztec Archealogy at the University of London explains how the Mexicans don't fear death, they celebrate it.
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