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Bereavement fares high for relatives of the many dead people flown out of South Florida

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Orlando Sentinel
November 21, 2010

Each day, about 15 dead people fly out of South Florida, taking a one-way trip in a cargo hold to their final resting place.

During the winter months, when snowbirds flock south, the number of decedents jetting home tends to increase.

In Palm Beach County, about 2,600 were flown home last year, more than any other county in the state. Broward was next with about 1,900 and then Miami-Dade, with about 1,250.
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Missouri Cemetery Reform: New Year's Resolutions

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Death Care Law Blog
November 19, 2010
In a move to remain autonomous from the funeral industry and its oversight, the Missouri cemetery industry met with its regulator during the summer of 2008 to discuss reform legislation. Disagreements precluded effective legislation from being passed in 2009, but extensive changes was passed in 2010, and became effective on August 28, 2010. Now, the Missouri cemetery regulator has the task of implementing the law, and notifying cemetery operators and trustees of the new requirements.
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Alternative to Government Regulation - Implacable Consumer Scrutiny

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The Good Funeral Guide (UK)
Thursday, 18 November 2010

Hard graft

The alternative to government regulation of the funeral industry is not self-regulation (too flabby) but implacable consumer scrutiny. That’s the libertarian way of looking at it, it’s a case I like to argue, and I concede that it may be ineffectually idealistic.

If only consumers knew. If only they knew what goes on behind the scenes they’d be on to it. Yes? Appalling things go on in funeral directors’ mortuaries. So let’s tell em. If you want to be reminded of how some dead people are treated, have a look at this version of a removal.

If only consumers knew about the dark arts of deathtrade marketing they wouldn’t be fooled when a helpful care home staff member recommends a lovely local funeral director. Because they’d suspect that the staff member had been bought by a smarmy bastard.

What goes on is not fair on consumers and it’s not fair on the good guys in the funeral trade.
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Embalming Shortcuts: Cats On The Coffin

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The Business of Death (Blog)
A Revealing Look From Beneath The Veil of Secrecy

Friday, November 12, 2010

Embalming Shortcuts: Cats On The Coffin

Throughout my career in the funeral industry, I was always amazed by some of the practices that were so generally accepted, especially in the embalming room. I have always been an advocate for saving money and being thrifty, especially when it comes to business expenses. However, for some funeral home owners, that idea is taken too far sometimes.
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Why Is Embalming So Important To The Funeral Industry?

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The Business of Death (Blog)
A Revealing Look From Beneath The Veil of Secrecy

Monday, November 8, 2010

Why Is Embalming So Important To The Funeral Industry? Part I

For as long as the American funeral industry has been in existence, the embalming process has been a cornerstone of the business. Funeral professionals and those teaching in mortuary colleges will point out that it all began with the ancient Egyptians. Sure, they performed certain procedures on their dead, leading to what we know today as mummification. However, the reasons Egyptians mummified the dead were far different than that of the modern day embalming advocates. So why is embalming so important to the funeral industry?
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