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Unmasking the wolves - Brit's reaction to SCI's troubles in the U.S.

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Wednesday, 10 November 2010
The Good Funeral Guide (UK)

Unmasking the wolves

Over in the US, Service Corporation International (SCI) the multinational deathcare conglomerate which, here in the UK, begat Dignity, is in hot water. Again. One of its funeral homes, trading under the name of Stanetsky Memorial Chapels, mixed up two bodies. When they realised what they’d done, it seems that they illegally exhumed the one they’d already buried (it had enjoyed a good Jewish funeral first), and reburied it in the right place.
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Funeral homes shouldn’t bury the living, too

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Boston Herald
November 8, 2010

Most of us have been there.

Grandma dies, or dear old dad. Everybody’s at the funeral home. Some oily guy with soft hands shows you the solid walnut casket for $4,000 and the gold-trimmed version for $5,500. Then there’s the funeral burial vault (the what?) for another $1,000. "It protects the body from the, uh, well, uh," says oily guy in faked solemn tones, "the, uh, organisms and uh, decomposition."

"Look at this cheap swindler," you’re thinking. "But we can’t scrimp on grandma," says keep-up-with-the-Joneses sister. Newly orphaned mom, meanwhile, is useless, just wailing away there in her funeral-home-special, hard-backed chair.

And before you know it, you’ve spent $10,000.
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State Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation offers alternatives to pricey burials.
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Massachusetts funeral home must explain how they buried woman in wrong grave

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Boston Globe
Metro Desk
November 4, 2010

A state disciplinary board today ordered a Brookline [Massachusetts] funeral home [Stanetsky Memorial Chapels, owned and operated by Service Corporation International] to explain how they mixed up the bodies of two men in August, burying one man in the wrong grave, digging him up in time for his actual funeral - and then allegedly failing to tell one family about the mistakes.

[Because of a reporting error, a story in Thursday's Metro section about a Brookline funeral home accused by the state of mishandling funeral arrangements misidentified the gender of the two people whose bodies were mixed up. They were women.]
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The Scary New American Cemetery

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The Scary New American Cemetery: The Death of Individual Burial Choice and Custom
"The American cemetery is becoming a reflection of the desires of the funeral services industry rather than the wishes of the American public," Marsh says. "The irony is that the laws that once gave great deference to families regarding burial practices, are now being used to institutionalize a commercial norm at the expense of individual choice, family custom and religious beliefs."
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Portland, Oregon, regional government mistakenly sold pioneer cemetery grave sites

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The Oregonian
Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Metro mistakenly sold pioneer cemetery grave sites that were owned by others.

It involves Metro, land use and a bit of controversy. Nothing new there.

But this is different. You know the 14 pioneer cemeteries that Metro manages in the Portland area? Lone Fir and the others? Metro announced that 640 unoccupied grave sites, bought and reserved by people planning a final resting place, were incorrectly resold to others.

Oh, the complications.
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EDITORIAL NOTE: Metro is the Portland, Oregon, area local regional government serving than 1.5 million residents in Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington counties and the 25 cities in the Portland region.
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