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$8 fake skeleton turns out to be $3,000 real thing

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MyFox Tampa Bay
October 8, 2010

TAMPA - A Hillsborough County man thought he was buying a Halloween decoration when he spent $8 for a box of bones at a yard sale in Brandon. But when he and his wife got the box home, they realized it was an actual human skeleton.
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Commentary: What role for emotion? US Supreme Court (Snyder v. Phelps)

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When the Supreme Court meets in private Friday to discuss Snyder v. Phelps, a profound question will hang over the discussion: Should we -- and can we -- set aside our emotional reaction?

If the answer, implicit or otherwise, is no, the Justices may then proceed to craft a way to write into the First Amendment a  "funeral exception" to the right to speak out in public in outrageous and hurtful ways.
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Human remains dumped in desert

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BISBEE [Arizona] - The owner of Memory Gardens Cemetery says he did nothing wrong disposing of human remains that were used for medical research.... A resident called police after finding the piles of bones out in the open on cemetery property.
There won't be any charges in this case because there is no state law to prevent this type of activity.

Read the full story and watch video report at KVOA [Tucson AZ].
Last Updated ( Thursday, 07 October 2010 19:04 )

Norwalk funeral employee sent to jail for stealing burial check

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A Bridgeport [Connecticut] man who formerly worked at a Norwalk funeral home was sentenced to 18 months in jail Wednesday for stealing $9,300 from a life insurance check earmarked for the funeral expenses of a 47-year-old man.
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Family Suing NYC After Teen’s Brain Found In ME’s Office

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Family Suing NYC After Teen’s Brain Found In ME’s Office

The Shipleys Of Staten Island Forced To Bury Son Twice

NEW YORK (CBS 2) -- Their son died in a horrific car accident, but that was just the beginning of dealing with his heart-wrenching death for his parents.

Next, after he was buried, they found out his brain was on display in the medical examiner’s office.
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