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Prejudiced Against Embalming?

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Mortuary Management
December 11, 2012

For many years I have expressed a belief to my mortuary personnel, others and in articles written for our international audience: “Embalming is our best-known method of presenting a deceased person in state well through the memorial event.”

When colleges with funeral service programs educate students that embalming is performed to protect public health — and are tested accordingly — graduates believe it to be true. Unfortunately, rules often are influenced by self-serving practitioners of death care and made into law by bureaucratic legislators.

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TEXAS : Green burials planned for state parks

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Austin TX
27 Nov 2012

Texas moving toward pilot project for the dead

Coffins and tombstones are not for everyone. Just ask the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department [TPWD]. It is now working toward a pilot project to bury the dead in state parks.

"I have never liked the idea of being pumped full of formaldehyde and stuffed in a plastic box,” said Ted Hollingsworth, director of land conservation at TPWD. “I never have, so I could see being a participant at some point."

Hollingsworth said the agency began a trial agreement with the Green Burial Council in 2009 to become the first state government in the nation to be involved in such a partnership. That agreement has since expired, but the two groups remain in talks for the future.

Read the full article and see video (2:15) at KXAN News


The Grim Reader

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Here it is, our new consumer-focused newsletter with everything you need to know about planning funerals but forgot to ask! Want to receive the Grim Reader by mail and get special updates?  Donate $35 or more and we'll give you an extra free subscription for a friend. We all know someone who ought to be having that talk about endpicture of the grim reader newsletterpicture of the grim reader newsletter-of-life planning. Use the GR to kick off the conversation! When you donate, send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to tell us the name and address of the person you want to receive the free subscription.

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More people choose 'green' funerals

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Minnesota Public Radio
October 24, 2012

As environmental consciousness has grown in the country..., traditional funerals are becoming less common. More people, particularly baby boomers, are looking toward natural burial practices and foregoing rituals like embalming and caskets buried in concrete vaults.

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Home vigil honors a mother's last wish


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