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KANSAS CITY - Funeral costs steady, metro survey finds

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The Kansas City Star
August 15, 2012

The cost of being laid to rest has advanced more slowly than a funeral procession.

The average price for funeral services has held fairly steady in the Kansas City area over the last three years, tamped down by competition among funeral homes and rising consumer preferences for cremation.

A new report from the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Greater Kansas City, a volunteer, nonprofit group that surveyed 89 metro-area funeral homes this summer, said the average price was $6,365, only 1.4 percent higher than three years ago.

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Thanks to the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Greater Kansas City for alerting us to this article.


Hold the tears: Man pens lively obit

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Journal Sentinel
Milwaukee WI
August 14, 2012

An obituary for Donald George MacDonald, age 62, arrived Monday at the Journal Sentinel. It said he was a husband and father, a Vietnam vet, and a retired probation and parole agent.

Just one tiny problem. He's not dead.

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Taking Responsibility for Death

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The New York Times
Published: March 30, 2012

More Americans should take the initiative to spell out what treatments they do — and do not — want by writing living wills and appointing health care proxies.

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It's OK to Die™

"Like it or not, we all die. But those who have made their peace with life and who have made clear plans in advance for death, find that the end of life may be transformed into a powerful time unlike any other. Preparation prevents suffering, but also creates opportunities for peace, closure and even healing. Here at, our goal is to educate and empower you with tools, checklists and resources. We want to hear your end-of-life stories and discuss your ideas or concerns. Whether you are visiting this site for yourself or another, we can prepare you. It can be OK to die."

Book, blog, and preparation checklists available at It's OK to Die


FUNERAL : Do It All Yourself

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A home-based funeral is sometimes called a DIY funeral, a term many people find repellent. Let’s call it a home funeral.

When someone dies, most public officials advise you on the assumption that you will want to use a funeral director. Some will express amazement that you want to do it all yourself, some may try to dissuade you, some will disapprove and some will try to stand in your way. If anyone tries to tell you it’s against the law, put them right. You are the funeral director.

The more prepared you can be in advance, the better. To begin from a standing start will be really difficult.

Read the full article at The Good Funeral Guide


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