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Euphemisms for Death

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Living with Dying Blog
Death with Dignity National Center
Sept 14, 2012

By keeping the reality of death at arm's length, we're likely contributing to bigger societal issues like treating death as a taboo subject.

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Global attempts to avoid talking directly about death and dying
English speakers have been very inventive in finding words and phrases that allow them to avoid the words death and dying, and so we have discovered are people who speak other languages.

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FTC keeps Funeral Rule lapses buried: Plain Dealing

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Cleveland Plain Dealer
Saturday, September 08, 2012

The Federal Trade Commission knows what its undercover investigators found in sweeps of Cleveland-area funeral homes conducted last year.

The funeral homes rapped for alleged violations know what the FTC found.

But you, as a member of the public, aren't allowed to know – even though the Funeral Rule was created to protect you.

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Thanks to the HVCC Mortuary Science Alumni & Student Assoc for alerting us to this article.


"Rest in place" : the new R.I.P.

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The Columbus Dispatch
Sunday August 19, 2012

A growing number of people are forgoing funeral homes and opting for do-it-yourself home funerals for their dearly departed relatives.

For the do-it-yourself crowd, add funerals to the list.

A small but growing number of people across the country are forgoing funeral homes and are caring for their deceased relatives on their own. Advocates say it can be therapeutic and provide better closure for families.

It also costs considerably less than traditional funeral arrangements.

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Thanks to the HVCC Mortuary Science Alumni & Student Assoc for alerting us to this article.


Taboo or not taboo?

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The Good Funeral Guide Blog
September 3, 2012

Posted by Michael Jarvis, onetime Manager of the Natural Death Centre (UK)

For very many people in the UK ‘death’ is a subject left unmentioned. If you are reading this then you are part of a minority. A minority, furthermore, who would generally like to see more public openness regarding dying, death and funerals. We know the benefits: peace of mind from discussing one’s individual wishes, removing an unnecessary burden of decision-making from the bereaved, possible financial advantages from advance planning, and so on.

Death seems to be a taboo subject for many, but does the general reticence to mention death, let alone discuss it, make it so?

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My Passion: Consumers need to know about the cost of funerals

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Salem OR
Aug 27, 2012

Ken McGhehey of McMinnville is semi-retired from the funeral industry.

Recently I conducted a survey of six area funeral homes. The survey resulted from my desire to see consumers become better educated about funeral costs.

I spent 40 years in the industry, and I know from experience that investigating and planning for funerals usually is put off until the need is unavoidable.

After a death has occurred, the next step is often to call a funeral home. Sometimes it is a business recommended by a friend; sometimes it is whatever name we remember or whatever advertisement we see in the phone book.

But the public has options, and it’s wise to look into them ahead of time.

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