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Family, Fun, and . . . Funerals?

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A little reminder to have that talk at the next big family get together. . .

MEDIA RELEASE: Labor Day (September 3, 2012)                                           Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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Labor Day — All About Family, Fun, and . . .Funerals?

On Labor Day, Americans celebrate the important contributions of working people with parades, picnics, and family reunions. Naturally our thoughts turn to the value of our labor and the dollars it brings in. What a great time to talk about funerals!

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Man Fights To Keep Remains Of Wife Buried In Front Yard

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Huffington Post
Aug 19, 2012

Intersection of personal rights and government's power to regulate private property.

 STEVENSON, Ala. -- James Davis is fighting to keep the remains of his late wife right where he dug her grave: In the front yard of his home, just a few feet from the porch.

Davis said he was only abiding by Patsy Ruth Davis' wishes when he buried her outside their log home in 2009, yet the city sued to move the body elsewhere. A county judge ordered Davis to disinter his wife, but the ruling is on hold as the Alabama Civil Court of Appeals considers his challenge....

A law professor who is familiar with the case said it's squarely at the intersection of personal rights and government's power to regulate private property.

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In columbaria, ashes of the faithful stay with the church

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Fort Worth TX
August 15, 2012

A growing list of religious centers in North Texas are installing columbaria to provide a perpetual place of rest for the cremated remains of members.

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KANSAS CITY - Funeral costs steady, metro survey finds

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The Kansas City Star
August 15, 2012

The cost of being laid to rest has advanced more slowly than a funeral procession.

The average price for funeral services has held fairly steady in the Kansas City area over the last three years, tamped down by competition among funeral homes and rising consumer preferences for cremation.

A new report from the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Greater Kansas City, a volunteer, nonprofit group that surveyed 89 metro-area funeral homes this summer, said the average price was $6,365, only 1.4 percent higher than three years ago.

Read the full article in The Kansas City Star

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Hold the tears: Man pens lively obit

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Journal Sentinel
Milwaukee WI
August 14, 2012

An obituary for Donald George MacDonald, age 62, arrived Monday at the Journal Sentinel. It said he was a husband and father, a Vietnam vet, and a retired probation and parole agent.

Just one tiny problem. He's not dead.

Read the full article at the Journal Sentinel

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