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Older funeral policies often insufficient

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Shreveport Times
Shreveport LA
Sep 22, 2012

Finances, particularly those related to final arrangements, can add a substantial burden when dealing with the death of a loved one. And as an older generation passes, many area residents are finding the policies they believed would carry those burdens won't suffice.

It's a scenario Shreveport funeral directors meet each month — a family sitting across from them wondering how funeral policies, sometimes held and paid diligently for decades, barely scratch the surface of the price to bury their dead.

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Letting Children Share in Grief

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The New York Times
Published: September 19, 2012

A few decades ago, children often didn’t attend funerals. The thinking was that they should be sheltered from the pain of losing a loved one. And as Americans started living longer, the need to even broach the subject of death was delayed because many grandparents survived deep into their golden years.

But recently, the opposite view — that children should be as involved in the grieving process as adults are — has been taking hold, reflecting an increasingly common belief that children are better off when their grief is acknowledged and they are allowed to mourn in the company of relatives and peers.

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$21 Million Allegedly Missing From Wisconsin Funeral Director Association Preneed Fund

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Mortuary Management
News updates for the week of September 18, 2012

Madison, Wis. – The Wisconsin Funeral Directors Association (WFDA) has announced that a Dane County Circuit Court Judge has appointed business attorney John Wirth of Milwaukee to act as a receiver for the organization because of questions relating to the solvency of a pre-paid funeral policy program in place since 1999.

The announcement and appointment come after the state Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions petitioned the court as a result of information that indicates the pre-paid WFDA policy fund may be at least $21 million short, perhaps more.

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Worry replaces security of prepaid funeral plans


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Euphemisms for Death

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Living with Dying Blog
Death with Dignity National Center
Sept 14, 2012

By keeping the reality of death at arm's length, we're likely contributing to bigger societal issues like treating death as a taboo subject.

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Global attempts to avoid talking directly about death and dying
English speakers have been very inventive in finding words and phrases that allow them to avoid the words death and dying, and so we have discovered are people who speak other languages.

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FTC keeps Funeral Rule lapses buried: Plain Dealing

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Cleveland Plain Dealer
Saturday, September 08, 2012

The Federal Trade Commission knows what its undercover investigators found in sweeps of Cleveland-area funeral homes conducted last year.

The funeral homes rapped for alleged violations know what the FTC found.

But you, as a member of the public, aren't allowed to know – even though the Funeral Rule was created to protect you.

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Thanks to the HVCC Mortuary Science Alumni & Student Assoc for alerting us to this article.


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