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Coffins you wouldn't be seen dead in

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Daily Mail Reporter (UK)
20 May 2011
As the Asia Funeral Expo kicked off in style in Hong Kong today, over a hundred traders showed the latest weird and wonderful burial products on offer.

Coffins lined with silk or sheepskin, or made out of paper; a dead loved one's DNA captured in a pendant; a headstone in the shape of a motorcycle - products such as these can all be found at the exhibition which attracts funeral professionals from around the world.
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How Many Copies of Death Records Are Necessary?

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HubPages: James H. Patton

Death Records and Death Certificate Need May Vary
A question I am frequently asked concerning death is, "How many death certificates will I need?" Well, the answer is not always an easy one, as I am never sure of all of the personal details of a deceased person. However, I can offer some ideas to assist in the determination for your specific needs.
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The Changing Face of Funerals

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HubPages: James H. Patton

Changing tastes equates to more options
Today, because of the overall changes, the role of the funeral director has changed dramatically. We have become faced with the challenge of how to offer suggestions for personalization, displays, musical choices, stationary products and final disposition options. Someone recently compared my job to that of a wedding planner. I can see certain similarities, but would point out this important fact. A wedding is usually planned far in advance and there is a rehearsal involved. When a death occurs, we have a few days at best to prepare - and no rehearsal.
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Famous Death Masks

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May 18, 2011
Memory can fade over the course of time, erasing the details of even a loved-one’s face. As far back as 1323 BCE, people have endeavored to preserve, if not the memory, the essence of expression - the human face. Through the use of death masks in all of their forms, societies from all over the world have been able to retain one of the most precious mementos of their departed family members, royal elite, the famous and the infamous of popular culture.
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Types of Headstones

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011
One aspect of funeral planning that occurs at the cemetery is deciding which headstone to place on the grave. The headstone, or tombstone as it is traditionally known, has taken many different forms throughout history. From simple markers to more elaborate statues, people have used the headstone as a way to memorialize the loss of a loved one and to ensure that the grave can be found for future generations.
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