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Would You Pay $700 To Have Perfect Makeup At Your Funeral?

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July 8, 2011

Presentation is everything in the beauty industry, and one British cosmetics company has come up with a way to make sure your final look lasts for an eternity. And by that we mean they’re offering a $700 service to design and apply the smoky eye you’d most like to be buried in.

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The Final Act of Self-Expression


Funeral Directors Find Their Services Getting More Personalized

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The Leger
Lakeland FL
July 9, 2011

For self-described creatures of habit, lugging a stuffed black bear to the front of a funeral chapel never came naturally.

Yet it's become increasingly common for funeral directors across the state and nation to step out of their traditional box and handle unusual items to satisfy a growing demand for personalized services.

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Before Death: Information Library

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Before Death Information Library

SevenPonds' Before Death Information Library strives to provide our readers with everything they need to know to embrace a coming death with intelligence, love, and the power to heal.

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Advance Health Care Directives
Green or Natural Burial
Organ or Body Donation
Environmental Considerations
Funerals or Memorial Services
Home Funerals
Leaving a Heart or Ethical Will

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Dying to be green

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Resource (UK)
July 2011

Many people now choose cremation as a more sustainable option than burial (the cremation movement became popular under the slogan ‘Save the land for the living’), but the process carries significant environmental implications, the most significant of which is emissions to air. A typical cremation is fuelled by natural gas and the body (and the coffin - again, often made from finite resources) must burn for around two to three hours to be turned into ashes. This requires more than 20 litres of fuel and, on average, results in 160 kilogrammes of CO2 emissions.

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Cremation Tourism: Germans travel Holland to avoid cost and red tape!

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Scattering Ashes
July 7, 2011

The thing about cremation is that it is not the end of the journey; it would appear that people don’t consider the crematoria to be the final resting place. Why would you need a connection with where you are cremated - it is the cremation ashes and where they reside that represents us.

So a phenomenon has occurred in Germany where people are being cremated in Holland then their ashes are being transported back to be repatriated. This is on the increase for a number of reasons; the Dutch don’t charge anywhere near as much as the Germans for cremation; the laws on the scattering of ash are more relaxed; and whilst Holland is perhaps a more secular society the sanctity is greater the deceased is cremated on the same day and not stored.

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